Immutable Security for
Immutable Infrastructure

Secure your cloud native infrastructure throughout the DevOps lifecycle and eliminate risk posture drift

The Need for Immutable Security

As organizations rapidly adopt new technologies such as serverless, containers, and servicemesh, cloud infrastructure is becoming increasingly “immutable”; infrastructure is never modified after it is deployed. If it needs to be modified in any way, new infrastructure has to be provisioned through code. We believe that the only way to secure immutable infrastructure is to adopt a paradigm of “immutable security” based on three key principles:

1. Secure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) by mitigating risks and establishing a secure baseline before cloud infrastructure is provisioned
2. Secure cloud infrastructure in runtime by detecting new resources and configuration changes that introduce risk
3. Eliminate risk posture drift by reconciling the changes in runtime against the baseline established through IaC

Accurics Enables Immutable Security

Embrace Cloud Native Technologies with Confidence

Accurics scans code such as Terraform, Kubernetes YAML, Dockerfile, and OpenFaaS YAML, enabling you to detect and remediate misconfigurations, policy violations, and potential breach paths before your cloud native infrastructure is provisioned. Subsequently, you can detect and remediate changes to the deployed cloud infrastructure across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform environments and ensure that your risk posture in the cloud does not drift. True up your code to reflect legitimate changes, or roll back your cloud to the last known secure state in order to mitigate risks.
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Product Features

Policy as Code

Policy as Code

Detect and remediate policy violations across cloud native infrastructure to reduce risk
Security as Code

Security as Code

Go beyond policy violations and mitigate potential breach paths across cloud native infrastructure
Remediation as Code

Remediation as Code

Resolve policy violations and security risks by codifying remediation into your pipeline

Drift as Code

Detect new cloud infrastructure resources and configuration changes

Secure your cloud native infrastructure

from Code to Cloud

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