Codify security throughout your development lifecycle to self-heal cloud native infrastructure

The Need for Self-Healing

Cloud native technologies are fueling innovation and powering today’s applications. Cyber resilience in the cloud is now more important than ever. Unfortunately, cloud breaches continue to increase in scale and velocity.

The Challenge

Infrastructure is being built programmatically using Infrastructure as Code but risks are being manually mitigated.

The Solution

Cyber resilience can only be achieved through self-healing cloud native infrastructure.

Enable Self-Healing Through Codification

Accurics enables self-healing cloud native infrastructure by codifying security throughout your development lifecycle.

  1. Programmatically detects and mitigates risks in Infrastructure as Code and reduces your attack surface before infrastructure is provisioned.
  2. Continues to monitor your infrastructure for changes in runtime.
  3. Programmatically mitigates risks through Infrastructure as Code.

Accurics Product Features

Policy as Code

Policy as Code

Detect and remediate policy violations across cloud native infrastructure to reduce risk
Security as Code

Security as Code

Go beyond policy violations and mitigate potential breach paths across cloud native infrastructure
Remediation as Code

Remediation as Code

Resolve policy violations and security risks by codifying remediation into your pipeline

Drift as Code

Detect new cloud infrastructure resources and configuration changes

Accurics Use Cases

Secure Infrastructure as Code

Programmatically detect and resolve risks across Infrastructure as Code such as Terraform and Kubernetes.


Prevent Cloud Posture Drift

Establish a secure baseline through Infrastructure as Code and maintain the posture in runtime by mitigating risks from changes to cloud infrastructure.

Eliminate Potential Breach Paths

Programmatically eliminate potential breach paths across Infrastructure as Code and mitigate new breach paths introduced in runtime by changes to cloud infrastructure.

Secure your cloud native infrastructure

from Code to Cloud

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Codifying Security Throughout
the Development Lifecycle

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