DevOps | Sep 16, 2021

Is DevOps Really So Great If It’s So Hard to Achieve?

Experiencing the impact of COVID-19 over the past 18 months has certainly not been enjoyable, but it did provide an interesting stress test of the impact that DevOps practices can have on resiliency.

With all the attention given to DevOps transformations over the past few years, we were curious if mature DevOps organizations were better equipped to weather the turbulence of a pandemic that disrupted so much about how we work.

As we enthusiastically reviewed Puppet’s annual State of DevOps report and debated why so many organizations get stuck in the middle of their transformation, we anxiously awaited the results of some research that we sponsored with InformationWeek.  We were hoping to catch a glimpse of the rewards awaiting organizations that successfully scale the maturity curve.

One of the biggest surprises for us in InformationWeek’s report, was that so many organizations seemed to be backsliding on their DevOps plans.  Fewer organizations were prioritizing DevOps, and more were reporting lower levels of adoption and even familiarity with it.  Perhaps the organizations that were struggling with their transformations were just so overwhelmed that they had to set those struggles aside to focus on the demands of the pandemic.

On the bright side, there were indications that the organizations that successfully mastered DevOps were better able to not only continue those approaches but to demonstrate better resilience to the effects of the pandemic.  They demonstrated faster deployments, fewer disruptions, faster fixes and recovery than the previous year, even as the pandemic created chaos around them.

One thing that didn’t surprise us, is that security was listed as the #1 challenge impeding DevOps.  We’re familiar with the struggles that DevSecOps initiatives must overcome, and frankly, security seems to be where teams struggle the most – there are cultural and communication issues to overcome, and often tooling and technological challenges.

Overall these findings reinforce the importance of DevOps approaches for building organizational resilience, and the value realized by teams that successfully scale the maturity curve.  Moreover, they strengthen our belief in what we are doing at Accurics: enabling development, operations and security teams to align behind easily enforced security goals.  In other words, helping them address the cultural, communication, and technical challenges that separate DevOps and security.  If security truly is the challenge upon which DevOps transformations are getting stuck, then we can do a lot of good.

There were plenty of other interesting findings and commentary, and I encourage you all to download your free copy today!

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