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Accurics Debut at In Person Community Event

Accurics presents at DevOps Days Minneapolis / St. Paul 2021

A few weeks ago, the Accurics team attended our first in person event as a company. While this would have been a normal occurrence during the “normal” times, the last year and half has been far from “normal.” Back in April of 2020, Accurics co-founder and then CTO Piyush Sharrma stated “Our goal in developing the Accurics platform was to protect the full cloud native stack throughout the DevOps lifecycle, from the moment it’s defined in code and throughout the lifecycle of infrastructure being deployed in production.” Little did Piyush and team know that Accurics began at the same time a global pandemic was just getting underway. In spite of the challenges; personal and professional, the Accurics team was privileged and honored to sponsor and participate at DevOpsDays Minneapolis.

Accurics booth at DevOps Days Minneapolis / St. Paul 2021
Accurics booth at DevOps Days Minneapolis / St. Paul 2021

Let's Build Bridges Together

Before I articulate the “Why” regarding Accurics participation in a DevOpsDays event, I would be incredibly foolish not to acknowledge the realities faced in Minneapolis (and other cities) over the last year. One cannot escape the news coverage and constant reminder of the struggles faced by the Minneapolis community. As I began to look at in person events to attend, DevOpsDays MSP jumped right off the page. Not only could Accurics attend our first in person event with the DevOps community, but we could also show our respect and admiration for the people of Minneapolis.

The organizers worked from the theme of Building Bridges! How fitting for the DevOps and Minneapolis community. Take some time to review the livestream of Day 1 and Day 2 including the keynote from Ian Coldwater and fantastic sessions covering a variety of topics including Security, Multi-Cloud, GitOps, Kubernetes, and more.

Shifting Left Security

The Building Bridges theme was also fitting for us. Accurics exists to bridge the gap between Application Development, Infrastructure, Operation, and Security. One of the key principles of DevOps is Continuous Improvement, and Accurics is helping organizations realize this at the crossroads of Infrastructure as Code and Infosec. By offering OSS projects and an Enterprise grade platform to help secure all workloads at design, build, and runtime.

Accurics helps you secure code and workloads throughout application lifecycle
Accurics helps you secure code and workloads throughout application lifecycle, from code to cloud.

Find out more about the Accurics Platform here.
Find out more about Terrascan by Accurics here.

The Accurics team looks forward to seeing you all at more DevOpsDays, partner and industry events in the coming months and years. If you want to join a new and fresh virtual DevSecOps Community, join the Accurics Community Discord Server!

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