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Event Recap: Key Takeaways from Accurics 2021 Code to Cloud Security Summit

Accurics held its first Code to Cloud Security Summit, a virtual event focused on the future of cloud security and how organizations can prepare for tomorrow’s security challenges today. 

Our goal was to address questions such as:

  • Where do DevSecOps initiatives go off the rails? 
  • What should organizations focus on as they build their security strategy? 
  • Is it possible to improve security and accelerate tomorrow? 

The half-day event was divided into 3 major sessions and featured experts and visionaries from tech companies such as AWS, Protiviti, Unisys, ImagineX Consulting, Tech Mahindra, and Tenable sharing some of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities for cloud security professionals.

In a world where the development velocity in the DevOps environment outpaces traditional security practices, organizations struggle to integrate security into their DevOps culture, resulting in a myriad of cloud breaches. Thus, cloud breaches continue to threaten innovation.

 Embracing new approaches to security, especially approaches that improve collaboration between traditionally separate functional teams, were some of the key takeaways from the Code to Cloud Security Summit.  Integrating security into the design process and DevOps pipeline, with policy enforcement throughout the application lifecycle,  gives organizations the opportunity to innovate in the cloud with confidence.

 In this blog, we’ll outline more key takeaways from the Code to Cloud Security Summit. Keep reading to learn more:

Organizations must integrate security and operational teams into their development practices

From Session 1: Discovering DevSecOps: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Accomplishing true DevSecOps begins with building the culture. It requires making cultural changes and fostering a cohesive collaboration between the Development, Security, and Operations teams. Security must be introduced as early as possible in the development lifecycle and be implemented as both a culture and a practice. Although DevSecOps has its challenges, organizations that adopt DevSecOps methodologies earlier on can achieve success in meeting their goals and objectives without deployment delays.  

Use shift-left to boost your organization’s security

From Session 2: The InfoSec Minority Report: View a Future without Breaches

As a critical part of DevSecOps, shift-left security allows teams to detect risks early and minimize those risks. It’s proactive, early security with the goal of treating your infrastructure as immutable. Shift-left security should become a key aspect of the development process as it can reduce the time and cost of software development and help teams go to market faster. It’s a strategy that’s focused on continuous integration, which is increasingly popular with development teams over the last few years. When implementing shift-left security, teams should define shift-left security policies and take a holistic approach to security.  The hardest part of this process is often related to culture and collaboration, but tools that work well for all stakeholders can ease the transition.

Building a healthy culture is a critical part of security

From Session 3: Your Cloud Atlas: Reforming Security Practices for Tomorrow’s Success

 Culture is essential for security. It’s important to identify a security culture that is prepared for the future and create a culture with shared responsibility. Thus, organizations must embrace cultural change and continuously work towards improving the security culture throughout the development process. One way to improve culture is through education, training, and leadership. As the saying goes, “you’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Education must be an integral part of the security culture in order to reduce any knowledge gaps and promote security awareness. Ensure that teams understand the best and most effective DevSecOps practices to prevent attacks and mitigate risks. Education, training, and leadership from company executives can raise the DevSecOps team’s awareness of secure code practices.

Note: Didn’t get the chance to attend the event? Don’t worry! You’re able to watch all 3 sessions by clicking here

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At Accurics, we envision a world where organizations can innovate risk-free in the cloud. Our mission is to enable organizations to accelerate innovation by aligning development, operational, and security teams behind scrutiny and resiliency goals. The world’s leading organizations partner with Accurics to improve security outcomes by enabling security teams to recognize the highest risk findings and effectively communicate with development and operational teams. By addressing risks at the source, you achieve security from code to cloud. Learn more at, on the Accurics blog, and on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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