DevOps | Mar 15, 2021

Partnering for Developer-First Security from Accurics’ Alex Ausmanas

It’s a momentous day for the Accurics team as we announce our Channel Partner Program alongside inaugural partners DigitalOnUs, Consortium Networks, ImagineX Consulting, and CBTS. We’re honored to be in partnership with these remarkable organizations, and to empower them to help their clients codify security throughout the development lifecycle. As our Partner network continues to grow, we look forward to coming together with like-minded teams who share a developer-first approach to cloud security. We’ve entered the age of Infrastructure as Code, and programmatically detecting and remediating risk as early in the SDLC as possible is now more important than ever.

In order to properly mark the occasion, I sat down with Alex Ausmanas, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, to get his thoughts on the promise of Accurics for our partners and customers, the challenges modern DevSecOps teams face, and what he’s most looking forward to when we reach the end of the pandemic.

The developer-first security market has been heating up. Why did you decide to join Accurics? 

In my previous role at HashiCorp, through my customer conversations, I spoke with a lot of developers, developer advocates, cloud architects, security engineering and automation engineers at companies across a variety of industries at different stages of growth. Many of them were having a difficult time making sure that there were security guardrails in place, and they were looking for help to identify misconfigurations or to simply ensure that they were adhering to standards set through regulating bodies because of the industries they operated in. 

It makes sense given the extreme velocity in moving toward cloud adoption for a lot of these companies. As I was speaking with Sachin about joining Accurics, what really resonated with me was how the technology helps solve the challenges I was hearing from my customers and throughout the marketplace today. 

While the pandemic accelerated the move to the cloud, it also exacerbated the issues that moving to the cloud at such a rapid pace opens up, which companies are trying to understand as they gravitate towards Infrastructure as Code. Deploying infrastructure programmatically and adopting immutable infrastructure has become a big topic of conversation, from the perspectives of both business benefits like velocity and efficiency, as well as risk management.

We’re excited to be announcing our channel partner program today. Why is partnering with Accurics a great opportunity for resellers, system integrators, and technology partners?

I think it’s all about relevance today, especially when you consider the high levels of cloud adoption, the move to Infrastructure as Code, and the acceleration of a shift left approach to security. Accurics is offering the opportunity for our reseller and consulting community to be highly relevant with, and add a tremendous amount of value for, their customers. Working with Accurics allows partners to help their clients programmatically manage cloud risks throughout the application lifecycle – removing risks from Infrastructure as Code to deploy it securely, maintaining a secure posture in runtime, and closing the loop by propagating safe runtime configuration changes back to the IaC.

Partners play a pivotal role in helping organizations automate their security processes and operationalizing those processes. The beauty of the Accurics platform is that we’re not just finding problems which we then pass off for somebody to go and deal with. Frankly, there are lots of tools and partners that can do that.  They find so many problems, in fact, that clients struggle to actually improve their security.

Our partners are able to deliver scalable solutions that truly enable organizations to produce better security outcomes.  We do that by automatically fixing problematic code and submitting the fix to developers as a pull or merge request.  There is no need for expert consultation and no room for error.

You take a customer-first approach to your work. What does it mean to truly place a customer first?

Genuinely, at the core of it, I think the customer is always right. We’re trying to help support our customer, and so if they have a problem or are working on solving a challenge that they have, we owe it to them to understand what it is that they’re trying to do and listen to them before we just try and pitch a solution. We need to make sure that the value that we’re bringing to them – whether it be Accurics or an introduction to one of our other Technology Alliance Partners, a channel reseller, or a consulting partner – that there is a solution for them. 

I believe putting customers first is what makes organizations successful. I think that failing fast – or quickly identifying whether there is value that you can provide and if not, communicating that and moving onto the next step – is also a necessity, whether it is with our customers or our partners.

How has the sales experience changed as a result of the pandemic, and what do you most look forward to when the world opens up again?

In all honesty, I miss sitting across the table from our customers and our partners because we are all human and we miss the human interaction piece. It’s been mentally taxing for me. I’m on video wherever I can be to see the person “across from me,” and see their face and their reaction, how they’re doing and just have a genuine conversation. I think that’s the thing that I’m looking forward to the most, is just getting back in the room with our customers and partners, sitting down and saying hello to them, and having a conversation in person. 

The hardest part of going back will be not being able to jump out of my office and see my kids for lunch, giving them a kiss, and saying hello. That has brought a lot of joy for me in the pandemic, but I miss getting out there and traveling too.

What else do you think is important for prospective partners or customers to know about doing business with Accurics?

I think what we’re doing and the feedback that I’ve heard from many of the people I’ve interacted with – customers, prospects, and partners alike – is that we’re doing something very special at Accurics. The ability to build what we’re building kind of gives me goose bumps in terms of the problems that we’re solving for our customers, and the opportunities that we’re providing to some of our partners as well. As everything starts to move much, much, much faster, we bring a little bit of solace and peace into the day-to-day lives of our customers. 

That’s the piece I’m most excited about, and just knowing where the company is going, what we’re bringing to market, and what our vision is – we will only become more relevant. It’s going to be a fun ride to continue to have these conversations with our prospects, customers and partners going forward. 

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Accurics partner, please visit our partner page and get in touch.

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