GitHub Integration

Programmatically detect and fix risks across Infrastructure as Code as you develop in GitHub

Detect Policy Violations in
Infrastructure as Code

Implementing compliance and security checks across Infrastructure as Code during development ensures that risks are mitigated before cloud infrastructure is provisioned. Accurics performs static code analysis on Infrastructure as Code such as Terraform using a library of 500+ policies.

Programmatically Resolve Risks

Rapidly changing Infrastructure as Code runs the risk of generating a high volume of issues and creating alert fatigue. When an issue is detected, Accurics creates a pull request that contains the code to resolve the issue so that you can quickly review and merge the fix.

Integrate into Your Development Workflow

GitHub Actions

Integrate the Accurics GitHub Action into your development workflow and fail builds when violations or errors are detected in Infrastructure as Code. Alternately, integrate the Super-Linter Github Action to detect violations with Terrascan (open source).

GitHub App

Get the Accurics GitHub App to detect and resolve risks across Infrastructure as Code as you develop in Github. Policy violations are reported as issues and pull requests are generated with the code to resolve the issues.

See How Accurics Works with GitHub

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