Helm Security

Detect and fix misconfigurations in Helm projects to reduce your
attack surface before provisioning cloud infrastructure

Policy as Code for Helm

Helm helps you manage development of complex Kubernetes applications, and provides an opportunity to build compliance and security guardrails into the development lifecycle. Accurics enables you to embed policy as code for Helm into your development pipelines, including 1800+ policies across popular standards such as CIS Benchmarks, PCI, GDPR, and AWS Security Best Practices.

Identify Potential Breach Paths

Prioritizing resolution of the risks that create potential exposures is critical. Accurics analyzes your Helm charts to understand the topology of your infrastructure and builds threat models that surface potential breach paths so you know which issues require immediate attention.

Programmatically Resolve Risks

Detecting policy violations and potential breach paths in dynamic, fast paced cloud native projects is not always enough. When Accurics detects an issue, it automatically creates a pull request that contains a fix so that you can quickly review and merge the fix. Accurics also supports unsupervised self-healing during the build and deploy phase to ensure that issues are automatically mitigated even when you can’t stop the deployment.

Open Source and Commercial Options

Open Source

Our free and open source tools help you establish Policy as Code in Helm projects, enforcing 500+ policies aligned to Helm, Kubernetes, and cloud provider best practices and standards such as the CIS benchmark.


For advanced capabilities such as deeper scans, breach path identification and automated remediation, try Accurics commercial offerings. Quickly eliminate risk and meet compliance goals with 1800+ policies that protect both build- and run-time environments.

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