Kubernetes Security

Identify and fix problems in Kubernetes configurations to reduce security risk before provisioning cloud infrastructure.

Policy as Code for Kubernetes

Kubernetes codifies provisioning and management goals for cloud infrastructure in declarative configuration files. Accurics enables policy as code for Kubernetes with 1800+ policies across popular standards such as CIS Benchmarks, PCI DSS, and SOC2. Minimize risk throughout the development lifecycle by establishing compliance and security guardrails in your pipelines to identify problems before you deploy.

Identify Potential Breach Paths

It is critical to prioritize resolution of risks that create potential exposures. Accurics builds threat models based on the infrastructure topology expressed in Kubernetes configurations, highlighting potential breach paths so you can prioritize resolution of the underlying issues.

Programmatically Resolve Risks

Simply identifying policy violations in high-velocity projects runs the risk of slowing you down. Accurics automatically creates a pull request with a fix when violations are found, so you can quickly review and merge the fix. Accurics also allows you to self-heal risky code without intervention to ensure that issues are automatically mitigated during build or deploy, before infrastructure is provisioned.

Open Source and Commercial Options

Open Source

Accurics and Terracan help you establish Policy as Code guardrails with Kubernetes, enforcing policies around namespace access, container privileges, and much more. Our free and open source tools include 500+ policies covering standards such as the CIS benchmark.


Accurics commercial offerings build on our free and open source solutions with deeper scans using 1800+ policies, the ability to identify breach paths and drifts, and automated fixes–in pipelines as well as the runtime environment.

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