Secure Terraform

Detect and fix misconfigurations in Terraform to reduce your attack surface before provisioning cloud infrastructure

Implement Policy as Code

Provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure as code provides a unique opportunity to implement compliance and security guardrails early in the development lifecycle. Accurics supports 1500+ policies across popular standards such as CIS Benchmarks, PCI DSS, SOC2, and AWS Security Best Practices so that you can embed policy as code for Terraform into your development pipelines.

Identify Potential Breach Paths

While it is important to ensure all compliance and security best practices are observed, it is important to prioritize resolution of risks that create potential exposures. Accurics generates a real-time topology of your infrastructure from your Terraform code and builds threat models so that you can identify potential breach paths and prioritize resolution of the underlying issues.

Programmatically Resolve Risks

Programmatically detecting policy violations and potential breach paths across constantly changing Infrastructure as Code runs the risk of creating alert fatigue. When an issue is detected, Accurics automatically creates a pull request that contains the code to resolve the issue so that you can quickly review and merge the fix. Optionally, Accurics can also self-heal risky code during the build and deploy phase to ensure that issues are automatically mitigated before infrastructure is provisioned.

Works with All Terraform Editions

Open Source

Perform static code analysis on Terraform using a library of 500+ policies such as the CIS benchmark using our free tools. Leverage Accurics commercial offerings for a deeper scan using 1500+ policies and breach path identification capabilities. Quickly eliminate risk by reviewing and merging automatically generated pull requests that contain the code to fix issues.

Cloud & Enterprise

Leverage 1500+ policies in Accurics commercial offerings to perform deep scans in Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise. The platform integrates with Sentinel policy as code workflows to ensure security is seamlessly embedded into your development workflows.

See How Accurics Works with Terraform

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