4 Cloud Trends to Watch in 2021

Jan 26, 2021

Cloud migrations are often messy. Toss in a pandemic and a quick shift to remote work, and 2021 becomes the year of clean up.

“Looking towards 2021, there will be a significant uptick in cloud infrastructure deployments and spending to allow new remote workers to function efficiently outside the traditional office environment,” said Andrew Doherty, CIO at Babel Street, in a statement to CIO Dive.

The move to the cloud isn’t slowing down, but businesses are tidying strategies to take full advantage of a hot cloud moment. Meanwhile, vendors reap the benefits. For SaaS providers, mass scale remote work led to a cloud market boom as companies pivoted toward digital.

For the second year in a row, cloud is in businesses’ top three IT investment priorities, according to a Flexera survey of 474 IT executives and high-level managers. With business continuity taking precedence in 2020, other priorities fell to the wayside but will regain attention this year.

In 2021, businesses are preparing for the cloud to trickle into every department.

As of June, 40% of businesses were accelerating cloud adoption plans, according to a MariaDB survey of 559 enterprise engineering and IT professionals. But a stampede to the cloud leaves loose ends untied. Of hundreds of cloud deployments reviewed by Accurics in August, 93% featured misconfigured cloud storage services.

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