IaC: Enabling Security in DevOps Workflows

Mar 31, 2021

Many DevOps projects now leverage Infrastructure as Code for efficient, accurate and repeatable outcomes. But, IaC can also present risks. Accurics’ Om Moolchandani shares the ways to use IaC for secure DevOps workflow – and how to avoid risk. 

DevOps: It’s the perfect term for a vital discipline, taking so little space to say so much.

DevOps has come to signify the definitive foundation for cross-disciplinary collaboration. To practice DevOps is to unite multiple and varied technology disciplines, from development to operations, into a singular and coherent entity.  Its impact has become massive, and its  ramifications profound.

For all of DevOps import, the term doesn’t actually go back too far—the first conference dedicated to the function wasn’t held till 2009.

Inside this same abbreviated 12-year timeframe, another impactful technology (and complementary to DevOps) also emerged. It is also known by a perfectly crisp term: IaC – or Infrastructure as Code.  

The term IaC has joined the vernacular of IT as organizations increasingly leverage automation tools—think Terraform, Kubernetes YAML, Dockerfile, and OpenFaaS YAML—they looked to provision and manage such technologies through code: hence, Infrastructure as Code, or IaC.

Over the years, the benefits of IaC have proven undeniable:

The code is more flexible and easier to manage, many tasks can be easily automated, and a code-based infrastructure enables embedded security throughout the process and boosts a multi-tiered defense strategy. As this simple concept continues to gain traction for formalizing the entire production environment in its software incarnation, it has the potential to fundamentally revolutionize the development process.

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