MSPs find opportunity in cloud security gaps

Mar 19, 2021

Cloud security issues are creating a major opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs) as organizations of all sizes continue to struggle with the shared responsibility model that cloud service providers require customers to embrace.

survey of 303 IT professionals conducted by Dimensional Research on behalf of CloudSphere, a cloud management platform provider, finds 32 percent of enterprises have experienced unauthorized access to cloud resources, with another 19 percent unaware if unauthorized access occurred.

Published this week, those survey results come on the heels of a report from Accurics, a provider of a tool that scan for cloud misconfiguration, that found nearly a quarter (23 percent) of all the security policy violations involved managed service offerings provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Google. Based on approximately 9,000 scans conducted by Accurics, the report finds the mean time to resolution (MTTR) for security policy violations was 24.9 days, with MTTR for production and pre-production environments spanning 21.8 and 31.2 days, respectively.

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