New report recommends cloud developers to be more careful with misconfigurations

Feb 26, 2021

A new report by Accurics revealed that cloud app developers are still making the same mistakes, putting their organizations at serious risks.

Indeed, it was stated that development teams are still making some common errors and misconfigurations like insecure storage buckets, hardcoded passwords, and exposed networking.

This lack of awareness around the impact of default configurations and security groups could lead to accidental leaks or exposures. Development teams should focus on fixing violations and drifts in pre-production environments to ensure the security of the system and the organization in itself.

Moreover, the report points out that the recent SolarWinds Orion hack put issues related to insecure application development back into the spotlight.

Indeed, it was reported that 22.5% of issues are related to poorly configured managed services offerings. Hence, organizations are more are risk of being targeted by cyberattackers who could access their services, read their data, and potentially change things.

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