Struggling With Cloud Security? 4 Vendors Offer Some Advice

Apr 29, 2021

“Cloud deployments are at risk for exposure and misconfiguration due to the velocity at which cloud technologies are being adopted and most security tools don’t address the heart of the issue.”

That’s from Alex Ausmanas, vice president of sales and partnerships at Accurics. Accurics detects risks in code before cloud infrastructure goes live.

How, then, should channel partners address the problem? Ausmanas’ thoughts are on the next slide.

Accurics’ Alex Ausmanas suggests partners start with “runtime-focused Cloud Security Posture Management,” or CPSM, tools.

These, he says, “introduce a requirement to verify that deployments will not overwrite fixes implemented in runtime. But newer developer-first CSPM tools implement fixes in the Infrastructure as Code, ensuring that deployments are always ready to go with the best configuration. This is part of what it means to be a “developer-first” security solution: ensuring that the solution not only addresses the security needs of the business but does so in a way that doesn’t create unnecessary friction in development workflows. It’s critical to help organizations reduce cloud security complexity by delivering security solutions that support both developer and security workflows, in development and in runtime.”

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