The Rise of Open Source: Pandemic, Economy, Efficiency, Trust

Mar 17, 2021

Enterprise users adopt open source either directly from community distributions or indirectly via commercial offerings. They contribute back to the communities to make improvements, drive enhancements, or improve skills, observed IBM’s Moore.

“Because so many companies are moving their workloads to the cloud, enterprise developers are embracing open-source container frameworks like Kubernetes and OpenShift, which has led to an explosion of open-source adoption in the past few years,” he said.

Additionally, many clouds run on a Linux operating system, so new adopters are often embracing Linux as well. A recent O’Reilly survey commissioned by IBM indicates that nearly 95 percent of the 3,400 developers and IT managers surveyed considered Linux important to their career, while 90 percent of them considered containers to be important to their careers, Moore explained.

Over the last year of the pandemic, organizations accelerated their move to the cloud. This move to the cloud is the bigger driver in the adoption of open source; particularly tooling and frameworks to manage these new cloud environments, according to John Kinsella, chief architect at Accurics.

“We are also seeing organizations get more sophisticated in how they run DevSecOps in cloud environments,” he told LinuxInsider.

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