The Accurics Partner Network

Accurics partners empower organizations to innovate in the cloud with confidence.

A Shared Commitment to Developer-First Cloud Security

Accurics partner ecosystem includes Resellers, System Integrators, and technology partners with integrations to our open source solution and industry-leading platform. Together, we deliver products and services that support global organizations innovating in the cloud by codifying security throughout the development lifecycle, facilitating self-healing cloud native infrastructure, and ensuring the end-to-end security of their cloud application.

Cyber Resilience Across The SDLC

Accurics enables cloud cyber resilience by programmatically detecting and resolving cloud infrastructure misconfigurations in development through runtime.

Infrastructure as Code Technologies

Runtime Cloud Environments

Technology Integrations

Accurics’ technology integrations empower organizations to integrate security into their existing development workflows in dev, build, and runtime.

  • Connect to code repositories for continuous IaC analysis
  • Implement policy guardrails in your CI/CD pipelines
  • Monitor cloud infrastructure in runtime
  • Resolve issues via your existing workflows

Featured System Integrator and Reseller Partners

The Accurics Partner Network includes Systems Integrators and Resellers to provide world-class services to our mutual customers, helping them to implement their solutions.

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