Breach Path Prediction

Reduce your attack surface by detecting and remediating potential breach paths

Accurics Reduces Your Attack Surface

Code: User Develops

User develops Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, AWS CFT, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)

Code: Accurics Scans

Accurics scans the code and develops a threat model based on vulnerability feeds, IAM privileges, trust boundaries, and other metadata. It identifies potential breach paths and flags issues via existing remediation workflows.

Code: User Remediates

User remediates issues and deploys the cloud from a clean code baseline.

Cloud: Accurics Scans

Accurics scans the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) after the infrastructure is deployed to detect and flag changes that introduce potential breach paths.

Cloud: User Remediates

User remediates issues by redeploying the cloud from code from the secure baseline.
“We no longer provision a server, install an operating system or configure an application. It is all done through configuration scripts. Accurics helps organizations get visibility into these configuration scripts to make sure they are secure and compliant.”
— Al Ghous, CSO & Head of Security

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