Compliance and Governance

Implement policy guardrails across infrastructure as code and cloud to reduce risk​

Accurics Reduces Cloud Attack Surface

Code: User Develops

User develops Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, AWS CFT, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)

Code: Accurics Scans

Accurics scans the code against 1500+ policies across 10+ standards such as SOC 2, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and CIS Benchmarks. It flags policy violations via existing remediation workflows.

Code: User Remediates

User remediates misconfigurations to reduce the attack surface. CI/CD process deploys compliant cloud.

Cloud: Accurics Scans

Accurics scans the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) after the infrastructure is deployed to detect and flag changes that violate policies.

Cloud: User Remediates

User remediates violations and generates a report to demonstrate compliance to auditors, management, and customers.
“When it comes to protecting data, either from an information security perspective or to comply with regulatory requirements such as PCI, GDPR, or HIPAA, the majority of key controls are managed through configuration. Accurics continuously monitors infrastructure code as well as production cloud deployments for changes that introduce misconfigurations and policy violations.”
— Paolo Montini, CDO & Head of Cyber Risk Management

Secure your cloud native infrastructure

from Code to Cloud

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