Immutable Security

Establish a secure risk posture across your Infrastructure as Code and eliminate
configuration drift during runtime

The Shift to Immutable Infrastructure

As you adopt new technologies such as serverless, containers, and servicemesh, your cloud infrastructure is becoming increasingly immutable: if it needs to be modified in any way, new infrastructure has to be provisioned through code. While this affords you more agility and reliability, it creates new challenges for security. Traditional runtime approaches are untenable for effectively securing transient cloud native infrastructure.
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Immutable Security for Immutable Infrastructure

Security must be embedded during development and enforced throughout the lifecycle of the cloud infrastructure – a paradigm known as Immutable Security. The three principles are:

1. Secure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) by mitigating risks and establishing a secure baseline before cloud infrastructure is provisioned

2. Secure cloud infrastructure in runtime by detecting new resources and configuration changes that introduce risk

3. Eliminate risk posture drift by reconciling the changes in runtime against the baseline established through IaC

Protect Your Cloud Native Infrastructure from Code to Cloud

Lifecycle Phase: Develop

Write Infrastructure as Code and check the code into your repository.

Lifecycle Phase: Develop

Accurics will connect to your repository, scan your IaC, detect risks, and provide code to remediate issues via pull requests in your repository.

Lifecycle Phase: Develop

Merge remediation code and proceed to build your application.

Lifecycle Phase: CI / CD

Accurics will plug into your pipeline, scan, detect new risk, fail the build, and provide code to remediate issues via pull requests in your repository.

Lifecycle Phase: CI / CD

Merge remediation code, rebuild, and proceed to deploy the cloud infrastructure from this secure baseline.

Lifecycle Phase: Run

Accurics connects to your cloud enviroment, monitors for configuration changes to your cloud infrastructure ans assesses risks.

Lifecycle Phase: Run

If the configuration change is not risky, Accurics provides the remediation code to update the IaC to eliminate the configuration drift between code and cloud. If that change introduces risks, Accurics notifies you to redeploy the cloud infrastructure from the last known secure baseline from IaC.

Secure your cloud native infrastructure

from Code to Cloud

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