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Reduce your attack surface by detecting and resolving issues before
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Enforce Policy as Code Across Your Full Stack

Provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure as code provides a unique opportunity to embed security early in the development lifecycle. Accurics connects to your code repository to scan Infrastructure as Code (IaC) such as Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Kubernetes YML, Dockerfiles, and others for violations of compliance requirements and established security best practices. It supports over 1800 policies across 10 standards such as CIS Benchmarks, PCI DSS, SOC2, AWS Security Best Practices, and more.

Identify High Severity Risks with Security as Code

In addition to ensuring compliance and governance through policy as code, it is important to assess the severity of risks to enable prioritization. Accurics generates a real-time topology across all your infrastructure based on your IaC and develops threat models using data such as threat feeds, trust boundaries, and IAM privileges. It then analyzes the model to identify potential breach paths in your code so that you can prioritize remediation for such high severity risks.

Rapidly Resolve Issues with Remediation as Code

In order to maintain development agility, detected issues must be swiftly and efficiently resolved. Accurics generates code to remediate issues and checks it into your code repository (such as GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab) as a pull request. It notifies you via your existing workflow tools such as Jira and Slack. You simply need to review and merge the change to resolve the issue.

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