Security as Code

Go beyond policy violations and mitigate potential breach
paths across cloud native infrastructure

Visualize Your Full Stack & Identify Threats

As you adopt new cloud native technologies such as serverless, containers, and service mesh, your infrastructure stack becomes increasingly complex and makes it difficult to identify design issues. Accurics generates a real-time topology across all your infrastructure that identifies resources, configurations, and dependencies between them. It models threats against the topology using data such as threat feeds, trust boundaries, and IAM privileges to identify high severity issues that need to be prioritized for remediation.

Identify Potential Breach Paths Across Your Stack

In addition to ensuring security best practices are followed, it is critical to ensure that any potential breach paths are mitigated. Accurics maps the threats across your topology to a kill chain. It determines if there are any complete paths from reconnaissance to achieving the objective of the attack which can include data exfiltration and destruction of data.

Mitigate Threats with Remediation as Code

As soon as threats and potential breach paths are identified, Accurics enables rapid remediation. It generates code to resolve the issues and checks it into your repository as a pull request. You simply need to review the request and merge it into your branch to accept the change.

Secure your cloud native infrastructure

from Code to Cloud

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