Terrascan By Accurics

Use open source software to mitigate policy violations across Infrastructure
as Code before provisioning cloud infrastructure

Codify Policies for
Infrastructure as Code

As you embrace Infrastructure as Code (IaC) such as Terraform, Kubernetes, and AWS CloudFormation, it is important to ensure that security best practices and compliance requirements are observed. Terrascan provides 500+ out-of-the-box policies so that you can scan IaC against common policy standards such as the CIS Benchmark. It leverages the Open Policy Agent (OPA) engine so that you can easily create custom policies using the Rego query language.

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Terrascan scans IaC
in repositories

Build & Deploy

Terrascan integrates
with CI/CD tools
Circle CI

Integrate into Your
Development Pipeline

Enforcing policies throughout the development lifecycle is necessary to ensure that risks are not introduced along the way. Terracan can be integrated into your pipeline to scan IaC from code repositories such as GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab using an intuitive CLI interface. It can also act as a guardrail during the CI/CD phase to detect violations and block risky builds.

Review Violations

Terrascan enables you to review policy violations as soon as IaC is committed into your repository. This enables you to mitigate risks before your infrastructure is provisioned.
Terrascan results

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Explore Advanced Capabilities

For teams with advanced requirements, we offer additional capabilities which include identifying potential breach paths, eliminating risk posture drift, and remediating through code

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