A Practical Approach for Injecting Sec into DevOps with Jon Jarboe

Mar 26, 2021
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High-velocity teams struggle to incorporate Security into DevOps because security tools and processes often impede velocity. Fortunately, some of the same practices that increase development velocity can be used to meet security goals at the speed of DevOps. Successful DevOps teams leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to improve deployment scalability and repeatability.

This video explains how IaC can enable DevSecOps practices and “shift left,” transforming security from a roadblock into a practice that accelerates innovation. Just as IaC codifies infrastructure, security teams can codify security policy and remediation goals into automated pipelines to embed scalable, consistent security enforcement into DevOps workflows. Aligning Dev, Sec, and Ops through codified goals ensures that everybody is speaking the same language and eliminates the gap between build-time and runtime that so often introduces friction and delays.


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