Accurics Platform Demo & Feature Overview

Jan 12, 2021

Accurics scans Infrastructure as Code (IaC) such as Terraform, Kubernetes YAML, and Helm, enabling you to detect and remediate policy violations and potential breach paths before your cloud native infrastructure is provisioned. In runtime, you can detect configuration changes to the deployed cloud infrastructure across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform environments and assess risk. True up your IaC to reflect legitimate changes, or roll back your cloud to the last known secure IaC baseline in order to mitigate risks.

Product Features

  • Policy as Code: Detect and remediate policy violations across cloud native infrastructure to reduce risk
  • Security as Code: Go beyond policy violations and mitigate potential breach paths across cloud native infrastructure
  • Remediation as Code: Resolve policy violations and security risks by codifying remediation into your pipeline
  • Drift as Code: Detect new cloud infrastructure resources and configuration changes

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