Confident Defense Podcast: The Self Healing Cloud with Upa Campbell

Mar 04, 2021


  • Conor Sherman, Host of the Confident Defense Podcast | Director Of Security at ezCater
  • Upa Campbell, CMO, Accurics

In this podcast, Conor and Upa discuss The 4 Pillars of Cloud Security:

  1. Policy As Code: Continuous Assessment across IaC “Hygiene”
  2. Remediation as Code: Automated Governance give the Engineers a solution “Clean IaC”
  3. Drift as Code: Continuous Enforcement mitigate via IaC
  4. Security As Code: Prioritizing Risk based on predicted Breach Paths

Topics covered and their location:

  • 00:00 Journey to cloud-native security
  • 06:29 The real risks in cloud security
  • 09:55 Security velocity via automation
  • 14:14 Programmatic Hygiene – Policy as Code
  • 19:40 Programmatic Detection – Security as Code
  • 22:30 Programmatic Response – Remediation as Code
  • 28:40 Runtime Security – Drift Detection as Code
  • 34:40 Highest points of security leverage

The Confident Defense Podcast is a conversation with the brightest and most inspirational figures in cyber, digital, and physical security. The mission of this podcast is to discover and highlight pioneering solutions, transformational technology, and inspirational leaders so we can understand the next generation of problems. To learn more about Confident Defense and Conor visit:

Upa Campbell has over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity leading across marketing, product management and engineering. She has served as a key executive at four Cloud Native Security Companies, RedLock, Palerra, and Zscaler and is now serving as Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Accurics.

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