Securing Cloud Native Infrastructure

May 15, 2020

Video Transcription

Building tomorrow’s innovations means embracing today’s latest technologies. But along the way, your cloud architecture becomes more complex and creates some new challenges.

As you manage multiple interfaces across different technologies, the risk of manual errors increases. Automating the provisioning and managing of your infrastructure through code can reduce risk from manual errors as long as there are guardrails to enforce best practices. However, this can be difficult to do consistently across your full stack. Meanwhile, users can still make changes directly to production and introduce risks.

We designed the Accurics platform to provide you with the visibility and control needed to protect your cloud infrastructure effectively.

By connecting to your code repository, Accurics generates a topology across your full stack to reveal risks so that you can harden your architecture. It also scans code for violations against compliance and security standards to enforce best practices. In addition, Accurics develops threat models using vulnerability feeds, IAM privileges, and other data to predict potential breach paths. This enables you to resolve issues before your stack is provisioned.

After that, Accurics monitors your deployed cloud infrastructure for risk posture drift. If the drift is due to a legitimate change, the code can be updated, and if it introduces risks, you can roll your code back to the last known secure posture.

Accurics secures your full stack from code to cloud and eliminates posture drift.

Learn how easy it is to get started with Accurics!

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