TAG Cyber chats with Accurics on their self-healing cloud native infrastructure

Apr 29, 2021

In the age of Infrastructure as Code and cloud native development, there is a new paradigm for cloud security that necessitates a shift left approach. In this discussion with Accurics CTO & CISO Om Moolchandani and TAG Cyber CEO & Founder Ed Amoroso, you’ll learn more about why runtime security alone is not enough to protect the cloud. You will come away with a deeper knowledge of why context is the key to eliminating breach paths from infrastructure to application. Additionally, you will get a glimpse into how GitOps is impacting DevOps teams, and why Secure GitOps is the future of cloud native development.


  • Om Moolchandani, CTO & CISO, Accurics  
  • Ed Amoroso, CEO & Founder, TAG Cyber

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