Immutable Security for Immutable Infrastructure

Aug 06, 2020

As you adopt new technologies such as serverless, containers, and service mesh, your cloud infrastructure is becoming increasingly immutable: if it needs to be modified in any way, new infrastructure has to be provisioned through code. The shift to immutable infrastructure is providing organizations with a unique opportunity to get proactive about securing cloud native infrastructure based on a new paradigm known as immutable security.

View this talk to learn how to learn how to operationalize immutable security across cloud native infrastructure throughout the development lifecycle. We discuss how to integrate security into your development pipelines and enforce best practices such as CIS Benchmarks, detect potential breach paths, as well as implement remediation as code for rapid issue resolution.

The Evolution of On-Premise Cloud and Security

Detecting and Preventing Vulnerabilities in Cloud Native Workloads

Infrastructure as Code Security: Finding and Breaking Breach Paths

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