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At Accurics™, we envision a world where organizations can innovate in the cloud with confidence. The Accurics platform protects cloud native infrastructure by codifying security throughout the development lifecycle. It programmatically detects and resolves risks across Infrastructure as Code such as Terraform, Kubernetes, and Helm, before infrastructure is provisioned. The platform also maintains the security posture in runtime (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform deployments) by detecting and mitigating risks from configuration changes. Watch a 2-minute video about Accurics: here.

Getting Started

This section explains what you need before setting up the Accurics solution.
Additionally, the Accurics Quick Start Guide is a great reference for you and is referred to in the steps below. It also details how Accurics seamlessly integrates with your DevOps life cycle.

1. Access to cloud provider accounts

You will need access to your AWS accounts and permissions to create a role ARN. Accurics provides a command line script to create a READ-ONLY permission role. Please refer to “Step 2: Integrate with AWS Cloud provider” of the Accurics Quick Start Guide.

2. Access to code repositories

Examples include Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab. In order to perform the infrastructure as code scan, you will need to authorize Accurics to be able to access the terraform code repository and the respective code folders. Please refer to “Step 3: Integrate with Code Repository” of the Accurics Quick Start Guide.

3. Terraform code location in your repositories and the input variables to run your TF plan

These variables are part of your file in your repository root directory and are used to create an execution plan. An example of the terraform plan command is given below:

terraform plan -var key_name=terraform-customer01 -var

4. Location of Terraform State file and READ ONLY access to the state files

Accurics will optionally require access to the Terraform state files. You can add the location of the state file as part of a code repository configuration setup. Please refer to “Step 4: Terraform State file information” Accurics Quick Start Guide.

5. Set up your Accurics Account

Sign up using Github, Bitbucket or a work email account at If you are using your work email to create a login, you will receive an email with the activation link to the email provided. Clicking that link will take you to the “Set Up Password” screen. Once you have set the password, you will be logged into the product console. For detailed instructions on the next steps, please refer to our Accurics Quick Start Guide.

Onboarding Kickoff

Your Customer Success team will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your Onboarding Kickoff meeting. For any questions or comments, please contact [email protected].

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